Sitting on the Edge

It’s been awhile.

Currently, I’m frozen at the edge of a metaphorical cliff.

Do I stay in the comfort of the solid ground beneath my feet?

Or do I plunge?


If I stay,

It might be more of the same.

More of the struggle.

More of the hurt.

More of the things that make me miserable.

But it also might mean more of what is good.

More of my friends.

More of the memories that I love.


But, if I jump:

It might be something extraordinary.

It might be something refreshing.

A plunge into the unknown.

Something that offers me unlimited growth.

Something that offers me things I have only ever dreamed of.


Yet, I’m frozen.

Between the safe bubble of what is known,

And the sheer thrill of the unknown.


Do I stay?

Or do I jump?


For now, I’ll sit on the edge.


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