Pick an Adjective to Describe Yourself


When you go to a job interview, a popular thing for the interviewer to ask is: “What’s three words to describe yourself?” Of course, we all come up with some bullshit to make ourselves look better; maybe one is actually true, the other two are usually something we wish we had or wish we could be.

If I were to be completely honest, the number one word I would use to describe myself is obsessive. Now, I know what you’re thinking — great, this girl is off the deep end. She’s gone literally crazy. But hear me out — I don’t think being obsessive is such a bad thing.

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a tendency to fixate on one thing at a time. My fixation is usually people. To be more specific; characters. I become completely and totally infatuated with characters — book, movie, even game characters. I want to know everything about them. I want to understand them. I want to understand their actions. Maybe, it’s more that I want to be a part of their world. If you follow my posts you already know I’m a bit of an escapist — meaning I like to escape the real world through the means of wrapping myself in another world — a fictional world.

My obsessive nature when it comes to people, though, allows me to see others and myself more clearly. This is why I argue that being obsessive isn’t such a bad thing. Just like I fixate on fictional things, I also fixate on real goals. That obsessive fixation, ambition, and desire to get what I want from life fuels me to be better. It fuels me to work harder. It fuels me to continue to grow and change.

Most people probably don’t want to describe themselves as obsessive. They think it’s an ugly trait and would rather list something else. But not me. I’m a believer in not only embracing the good things, but also the potentially bad things about me. I am both light and dark. I am all gray area. Could being obsessive be a bad thing? Sure. That’s why 90% of serial killers become serial killers. But obsession can only rule you in a negative way if you obsess over the wrong things. Yeah, I’m obsessive; I love obsessively, I read obsessively, I seek to understand others obsessively, I write obsessively. I’m obsessive about reaching goals. I’m obsessive about being happy.

Don’t obsess over the negative; obsess over the positive.

There’s so much to obsess about.

But my obsessive nature is curious:
What word would you use to describe yourself?


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